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When it comes to capturing the perfect shot in pristine definition, the Polaroid Store features an abundance of highly accessible options for users to explore. Our selection of Digital Still Cameras are the very definition of versatility and allow owners to capture the perfect shot in a myriad of settings. The addition of Digital Video Cameras allow you to film at a momentís notice and come in a series of convenient and highly functional formats. Youíll be able to record and relive all of your favorite athletic accomplishments with our collection of Sports & Action Video Cameras. Finally, the Polaroid Store also showcases a variety of security enhancers in the form of IP Security Cameras. All of these options and many more are all readily available for purchase through our secure online servers.

Polaroid Digital Still Cameras, Polaroid Digital Cameras, Digital Cameras
Digital Still Cameras

Capture and cherish those important memories with superb clarity and colors.
Polaroid Digital Video Cameras, Digital Video Cameras, HD Camcorders
Digital Video Cameras

Shoot amazing HD video at a moment's notice with Polaroid's 1080p HD camcorders.
Polaroid Sports Cameras, Sport & Action Video Cameras, Helmet Mounted Video
Action Sport Cameras

Polaroid sport and action video cameras are designed for on-the-go action and allow you to take your camera virtually anywhere.
Polaroid Home Security Cameras, Home Security Cameras, IP Security Cameras
Security Cameras

Polaroid security and surveillance cameras offer superior video quality with real time audio and video streaming to help boost your home or office security system.

The Polaroid Store features the absolute elite in terms of performance and accessibility. The Polaroid 16-Megapixel 32x High Optical Zoom Digital Camera with 3.0-Inch Full Touch LCD Screen Display is a prime example of Polaroidís ever increasing standard for excellence. Designed with a 16-Megapixel Image Sensor and 32x Enhanced Optical Zoom, this camera has everything you need to record still shots at incredible distances. The addition of the Polaroid 16-Megapixel Ultra Thin 1080p High Definition Camcorder iD820 utilizes an advanced series of technologies to allow for instant accessibility. Regardless of distance, Polaroid has assured complete peace of mind and allows users to film and record with complete confidence.